• Fully Integrated ERP/Warehouse Management System.
    • Purchasing, inventory traceability, order entry, shipping, RF communication and receiving.
    • Product accountability from receiving to delivery.
  • ERP/Warehouse Demand System.
    • Custom technology allowing warehouse management system to read ERP order entry throughout the business day creating warehouse moves that will be needed later on that evening.
    • Proactive replenishment of all materials.
  • Warehouse Area Management.
    • Software managing warehouse moves by priority level and personnel location.
  • Temp Genius : Fully Automated Temperature and Humidity Control.
    • Monitoring Crown 1 Enterprises, servers and centralized communication hub.
    • Over 15 separate temp/humidity controlled refrigeration/freezer environments controlled at two separate locations by over 35 monitors.
    • Automated wireless alerts to management team.
  • RoadNet : State of the art routing software with integrated GPS and delivery tracking.
  • MobileCast : Real-time GPS monitored fleet and live service times.
  • Central Station alarm monitoring.
  • Display Center: Monitors in-warehouse tracking Temp Genius, warehouse productivity, Smart Dock, and RoadNet.
  • Emergency Backup Genorators to support both Manufacturing and Distribution Divisions.

With our own fleet of temperature-controlled trucks and an in-house logistics team.
We facilitate deliveries to the following areas:

  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Maryland