J. Kings’ Support to Crown


  • Continuous sourcing of the freshest product by J. Kings Purchasing Department.
  • Member of ProAct , the nation’s leading distributor of produce to the foodservice industry, with sourcing offices in California and Florida that only partners with growers and shippers that maintain the highest standards of food safety ensuring only the freshest produce, sourced both nationally and internationally, is delivered with complete traceability from farm to fork. Daily deliveries of raw product just in time for that day’s production.
  • No substitutions on raw ingredients.
  • Raw product stored in an AIB Certified “Superior” warehouse facility with 24-7 temperature control monitoring with emergency backup electrical generators.
  • Raw product delivered on temperature-controlled trucks.
  • In-house logistics team to maximize distribution efficiency.
  • Enables Restaurant Row Kitchens’ Culinary team to focus on developing recipes for freshly prepared foods at a reasonable price.